May 6 - May 9 2010

Call for Proposals by The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, a science center located in Paris, France, is launching its first annual mass event on robotics during May 6th – May 9th 2010. It is calling for proposals that identify and classify national and/or international projects as well as project leaders working on robotics. The proposal call is open to all researchers, industrialists, artists, educators, etc. and should be in the framework of one of the following main subjects:

• Personal and domestic robotics
• Entertainment robotics
• Robotics in transportation
• Medical robotics
• Robotics of exploration in hostile environments (space, undersea, radioactive areas…)
• Industrial robotics

Each proposal will be evaluated by a committee composed of members from the public and private sectors (research, industry, education, …).  The committee aims to identify projects that are most suitable to the event’s objectives listed below:

• Raising the public’s awareness of robotics.
• Developing a better understanding of the social, technical and scientific impact of robotics on our society.
• Explaining what the challenges ahead for the French and European scientists, researchers and industrialists are.
• Encouraging a dialogue between researchers, scientists, industrialists, media and the general public.

This 4 day mass event during May 6th – May 9th 2010 is presented in front of a large audience. It is meant to address and appreciate the significance of robotics, and is of particular interest to the general public.

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie as a partner will contribute to the event by supplying:

• The space to welcome project leaders’proposals.
• The overall layout of the event.
• The publishing and general communication.
• Support to project leaders
• A fundraising strategy if necessary
• The framework of contents

The Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is a national public establishment with industrial and commercial interests, placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of culture and communication and the ministry of higher education and research.  Its mission is to make developments in science, technology and industrial know-how accessible to all interested parties.

Important dates:

- Deadline for registration and declaration of willingness:  27 September 2009

- Evaluation by the scientific committee:  October 2009

For more information please click on the attached “Call for proposals”. 
In case you are interested to submit a proposal click on the attached “registration form”.

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