August 2009

Fourth Status Report on European Technology Platforms under the 7th Framework Programme

This forth status report provides information on the current status and planned activities of 34 European Technology Platforms. The Report provides an overview of platform activities in the past two years and includes a comprehensive report on EUROP (European Technology Platform on Robotics) as well.

In March 2003, the European Council called for a strengthening of the European research and innovation area by creating European technology platforms bringing together technological know-how, industry, regulators and financial institutions to develop a strategic agenda for leading technologies.

European technology platforms (or ETPs) were set up as industry-led stakeholder forums with the aim of defining medium to long-term research and technological objectives and developing roadmaps to achieve them. Their aim was to contribute to increasing synergies between different research actors, ultimately enhancing European competitiveness.

The European Commission has supported the development of ETPs and has carried out a facilitation role. ETPs are bottom-up, industry-led initiatives; the commission participates in their events as an observer and is committed to a structured dialogue on research priorities.

All ETPs have brought together stakeholders, reached consensus on a common vision and established (in some cases revised) a strategic research agenda (SRA). Some of them have also developed an implementation plan detailing the actions required to implement the SRA.

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