December 2009

Funding opportunities for SMEs in Robotics

Calls open till March 31, 2010

Currently the 9th CORNET call and the 7th EraSME call are open for proposal submission until March 31, 2010. Partnering Events in January 2010 in Hungary and The Netherlands will facilitate project and consortium building.

CORNET and EraSME provide low threshold access to funding for transnational research projects of SMEs, SME associations and RTOs in robotics. They enable SMEs to further increase their competitiveness by transnational cooperation in R&D projects which is of major relevance, particularly in the current crisis. These transnational projects are funded directly by national or regional programmes easily accessible to SMEs.

CORNET supports trans-national European co-operation between SME associations, SMEs and R&D performers. EraSME supports trans-national research co-operation between individual SMEs and RTOs. In both initiatives two calls for proposals are organised per year, following a bottom-up approach, which means that topics are not pre-defined and can be chosen by applicants from any technological area and in any sector. Funding is based on national and/or regional programmes. CORNET and EraSME have established a close collaboration with Eurostars in proposal evaluation.

The common office of CORNET and EraSME will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about these two initiatives and their calls for proposals. Please visit their websites for further information on calls and partnering events or contact them directly.

Almut Büchner
Project Coordinator CORNET
Tel ++49.221.37680.33

Günter Külzhammer
Project Coordinator EraSME
Tel ++49.30.310078.180



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