January 2010

EURON/EUROP Annual meeting 2010

As previously announced, the first joined EUROP and EURON Annual Meeting including various robotics workshops will be held at the MIRAMAR PALACE in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, on 10-12 March 2010.

The EURON / EUROP Annual Meeting 2010 seeks to gather the robotics experts from both industry and academia to communicate, collaborate, and basically exchange ideas and information.  The focus will be on taking up the challenges faced by both sides concerning the advancement of European Robotics and to explore solutions or present ideas to tackle them.

Please note that all roboticists (also non-members) are welcome to attend.

Registration and attendance are free but advance registration is required.

The three day event consists of:

1) March 10th includes workshops organized by EUROP
2) March 11th includes workshops jointly organized by both EUROP and EURON
3)  March 12th includes workshops organized by EURON

For more information regarding the agenda, description of the workshops, venue, registration, accommodation and all other details please refer to the event’s website: http://www.euron-europ-2010.eu/

The event is supported by the euRobotics Coordination Action funded by the 7th Framework Programme.

Programme overview

Day1 - EUROP day (March 10th -starting at 12 a.m.)

Day 2 - EUROP / EURON Day – (11 March)

Day 3 - EURON Day (12 March)

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