February 2010

2010 Oporto International Film Festival celebrating robotics as their main theme

FANTASPORTO – Oporto International Film Festival will be held on February 22 - March 6th.  This film festival will take place in Oporto, Portugal. It will celebrate the theme of Robotics and includes a parallel set of activities involving the science and technology community. These activities will range from public talks from international and Portuguese researchers, robot demonstrations and public interaction events. Apart from a section showing robotics related movies, an exhibition of technical films will also be shown.

In view of this, on behalf of the film festival organization and the Portuguese Robotics Society (coordinating the science and technology public dissemination track) if your research group/laboratory/institution/company has technical films that can be publicly presented at these sessions and you are interested, please contact:

LSA - Autonomous Systems Laboratory
Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
R. Dr. Antonio Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4200-072 Porto, Portugal
tel: +351 22 8340500
fax: +351 22 8321159
email: aom@lsa.isep.ipp.pt
http: //www.lsa.isep.ipp.pt

Please note: There are no restrictions on format and duration since it is implied that the technical sessions will show research and industry oriented films.


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