February 2010

Call for Proposals: PR2 Beta Program

Proposal due date:  March 1, 2010

Willow Garage is unveiling the PR2 Beta robot. They are also announcing the opening of the PR2 Beta Program, which will make
approximately ten PR2 Beta robots available at no cost.

The PR2 is an open and robust robot platform designed from the ground up for software developers.  The PR2 runs on ROS (Robot Operating System), and together, these two platforms provide a unique opportunity for open source software development, research, and collaboration.

Research institutions worldwide are invited to submit proposals that promise to: enable scientific breakthroughs in personal robotics; expand the open source robotics community; produce reusable components and tools; and explore new applications for personal robots.  The objective in this PR2 Beta Program is to facilitate progress in the area of personal robotics, and to develop a world-wide community of researchers and developers contributing to open source.

Please note: The proposal due date is March 1, 2010 

To download the call for proposal or for further information please refer to:


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