February 2010

ECHORD - 2nd quote for robotic equipment now open

Call relevant for manufacturers of robotic equipment only

Deadline for submission: March 12, 2010 - 5 p.m.

ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) is a new EC-funded project aiming to strengthen the cooperation between scientific research and industry in robotics. In the context of ECHORD, approximately 50 small-scale projects (12-18 months), so-called “experiments”, will be conducted, using state-of-the art robot equipment. Carrying out these experiments should be appealing to both sides, industry and academia; concrete problems for the industry are to be solved, the processes will be simple, quick to propose and negotiate.

The objective of this quote is to update the list of qualified equipment for the ECHORD experiments. Manufacturers of robotic equipment are asked for equipment in different categories (grouped by functionality and price range) that could be used later for the experiments. 

The ECHORD consortium invites manufacturers to offer robotic equipment such as:

You will find more information about the call, as well as the relevant standard forms, on the ECHORD website (http://www.echord.info).

Please note: The robotic equipment which you submitted to the first quote will remain in the list of qualified equipment. In case you plan to submit new equipment or make modifications of the already submitted ones, please contact Reinhard Lafrenz (lafrenz"aha"in.tum.de)

Further important ECHORD dates:
February 23, 2010: ECHORD Information Day in Toulouse, France
March 16, 2010: Publication of the 2nd call for experiments (targeting the "hyper-flexible manufacturing cells" scenario)
April 30, 2010: Deadline for the 2nd call for experiments


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