June 2010

EUROP's New President - Bernd Liepert, CTO of KUKA AG


Bernd Liepert, Chief Technical Officer of KUKA AG, has been officially elected as the new President of EUROP by the EUROP Executive Board in May 2010.

Bernd Liepert is the successor of Dr. Horst Kayser, CEO of KUKA AG, who left the company almost a year ago. He started his career at KUKA Roboter GmbH in 1990 as a Mathematician and Software Developer. In 1996 he became the Head of Control Development and in 1998 he was a member of the Board of Management responsible for Development and Design. In 2000, Bernd Liepert served as the CEO of KUKA Roboter and recently in 2010 he joined KUKA AG as its Chief Technical Officer. 


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