July 2010

IMS 2020 Supporting Global Research for 2020 Manufacturing Vision

IMS2020 is a project funded by the NMP division of the European Commission within the IMS Framework, conducted by an international consortium of 5 core partners and a large group of supportive members from Europe, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and the USA. The project focuses on the creation of roadmaps toward intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) in the year 2020. The roadmaps highlight the main milestones of innovation activities (research and development, management and policy actions) needed to achieve the desired vision.

IMS2020 identifies relevant research topics and supporting actions to shape the future of intelligent manufacturing through international cooperation. The project has five main scientific and technical objectives:

1. Prepare a roadmap for future manufacturing research in the fice IMS Kex Areas.

2. Identify new schemes & frameworks to support MS research.

3. Stimulate small and medium enterprise's participation in international cooperatiave research and development projects.

4. Establish international and inter-regional communities in the five IMS key Areas.

5. Prepare the ground for new IMS proposals and manufacturing projects.

The Five Key Areas are:

IMS 2020 wants to attract interested people and organisations in order to have the worldwide most qualified players in the five IMS Key Areas to discover common innovations and potential in manufacturing.

For more information please refer to the website:  www.ims2020.net

or contact:

Prof. Marco Taisch, Project Coordinator, marco.taisch@polimi.it

Dr. Ing. Jacopo Cassina, Project Manager, jacopo.cassina@polimi.it




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