July 2010

ESA looking for Partners for R&D Cooperation to promote common R&D-projects

On behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering is looking for companies that are interested in R&D-projects in cooperation with ESA. This is not about space projects - ESA is interested in a transfer of terrestrial techologies.

They are looking for companies who are active in the field of "manipulation systems (in human support robotics)" or in "robotics" in the broadest sense. 

The first concrete R&D -projects are initiated before the end of this year by ESA.

For more background information and other details please refer to:  www.common-rd.iao.fraunhofer.de

Please note for security reasons some computers might not allow you to open the above link. In that case you can either:

- Ignore the message and click on “Verbindung vertrauen” (“trust connection”)

- Download the certificate of the German Telecom on your processor: http://www.telesec.de/pki/roots.html

- Update the browser

or contact:

Rita Nøstdal: rita.noestdal@iao.fraunhofer.de   

Fraunhofer IAO
Nobelstr. 12
70569 Stuttgart


Alexandre Hulin: hulin@bertin.fr

Bertin Technologies
10 bis avenue Ampère
78180 Montigny le Bretonne


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