January 2009

EUROP / EURON Technology Transfer Award 2009: Call for Applications

The aim of the EUROP / EUROP Technology Transfer Award is to improve the impact of robotics research and to raise the profile of technology transfer between science and industry. The award is a joint initiative of EURON and EUROP and is awarded for the first time this year.

Successful technology transfer describes the process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products, processes and services by the commercial sector. Outstanding examples of technology transfer in robot technology and automation that result from cooperative efforts between research and industry are eligible for the prize.

Outstanding innovations in robot technology and automation that result from cooperative efforts between research and industry are eligible for the prize. A total of € 6,000 will be awarded as well as signed certificates to the three most outstanding examples of technology transfer.

Applications are invited from individuals or teams from:

A team may be represented by up to three members in the application.

Applications may address, but are not limited to the following areas of robot automation:

The project will have to be completed at the time of application but this date should not be more than 24 months in the past. Should submitted applications not come up to the required standards of excellence no prize will be awarded.
The written application should include a summary not exceeding six pages of the project and should be submitted to Martin Hägele (Fraunhofer IPA) at mmh(_)ipa.fhg.de by Feb 20th, 2009.

It is important that the applications address outstanding examples of TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER which is the “process of converting scientific findings from research labs into useful products, processes or services by the commercial sector”. Particularly, the innovation of the research work and its economic impact (or its economic potential) will be rated.

Submitted applications will by evaluated by a jury consisting of the EURON and EUROP chairpersons. The ceremony for the Technology Transfer Award will take place during the next EURON annual meeting in Leuven (Leuven, Belgium, during April 6 to 8, 2009, exact session date to be announced).

In a “Technology Transfer Session” the finalists will each have 15 minutes plus discussion to present their project/award application. Based on both the written application and the presentation, the jury will determine the winners. For detailed information please refer to the attached call. Please contact Martin Hägele in case of questions.  

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