December 2010

Call for applications: host for the European Robotics Forum 2012

Are you interested in hosting the euRobotics Forum (former EURON / EUROP Annual Meeting) in 2012?

After the very successful first joint event in 2010 (with Fatronik-Tecnalia as the local host in San Sebastian), the EURON / EUROP community is looking forward to the euRobotics Forum from 6 – 8 April 2011, which will be hosted by Robotdalen in Västeras / Sweden. We are now looking for applicants for the next two years.

Those organisations interested in hosting the event in 2012 need to submit their applications to: by the extended deadline March 28th 2011. The successful applicant(s) will be announced on the last day of this year’s forum (8 April).

The following is a short list of EURON and EUROP Boards’ evaluation criteria which should guide you in your application process:

  1. Accessibility
    The location should be easy to reach (near an international airport well connected within Europe); and convenient (walking and/or public transport) to hotels.
  2. Location and accommodation
    - The venue must be located within the European Union (non-debatable) 
    - Expected participants: 250
    - In total, 5 rooms are needed, since some sessions might take place in parallel. One room should be big enough to host all participants (plenary meetings) 
    - Good (free) internet connection, projector and screen, flipchart, … should be available in each room 
    - A broad range (different price & quality) of hotels should be in the vicinity of the meeting place, including low-cost accommodation (for PhD students and others with lower budgets). 
    - An appealing environment (restaurants, cafes, points of touristic/economic/scientific interest, ...) would be a nice add-on 
  3. Local commitment and contribution for program
    - You will be required to work closely with EUROP and EURON
    - What are your suggestions & ideas for the programme (e.g. focus, motto). 
    - Production facilities, research institutes or robotics labs to visit near by would be a plus. 
    - Will your country be in charge of the Presidency of the Council of the EU? Experience has shown, that it is beneficial if the event/venue could be linked to the country that obtains the EC presidency: easier to get publicity, attention in the general press and better chance of getting local funding for the event. 
  4. Price for participation 
    - In the past we were able to offer the event to participants for free. What will you do to make this possible again? Would it be possible for your organisation to cover the costs (for example, through local funding)? 
  5. Please suggest possible dates
    - Preferably 3 days in March or April to keep the yearly rhythm.
    - Dates coinciding with school/public holidays, trade fairs or other robotics events should be avoided.
  6. Other questions
    - Should your application for 2012 be unsuccessful, would you be willing to host the meeting in 2013 instead (under similar conditions as in 2012)?
    - Has your organisation ever hosted a EURON or EUROP annual meeting?

In case of questions or if you need further information please contact the EUROP Secretariat:

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