May 2011

PASCAL2 invites submissions of proposals for Harvest Projects

As part of its activities to promote interaction with other disciplines, the PASCAL 2 NoE ( runs a "Harvest Programme", aimed at developing software prototypes embodying research results in machine learning.

Important dates:

A Harvest project proposal should address the following points in 4-8 pages:

An example proposal can be downloaded from the programme website. Notice that for this Call we do not expect the team to be already formed.

Proposals will be evaluated by independent experts. Criteria used in the evaluation will be:

Other things being equal, preference will be given to projects related to robotics or to cognitive systems, or related to ongoing challenge or PASCAL Thematic Programmes.

An email stating the intention to submit a proposal should be addressed to and by May 15, 2011. Actual submissions should be done through the PASCAL2 Harvest Programme page by May 29, 2011:

In the meanwhile, prospective proposers are most welcome to create wiki pages under:

These pages can be used to discuss ideas, attract potential participants, find a nice host, share interests, divide and conquer a problem, ...

If you have an exciting idea for a project but you are missing the infrastructure to host it, write it on the wiki and let the programme organisers know: PASCAL2 is a large network, and maybe someone can find a place for you. Proposing, organising, and hosting a Harvest project will constitute an important contribution to PASCAL2. All such activity will be taken into account when allocating site funding in subsequent years.

For all inquiries please write to and

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