November 2011

View activities of the European Robotics Labs during the European Robotics Week

Ongoing activities in Europe during the European Robotics Week can be viewed worldwide

As you know the European Robotics week is approaching ( and our colleagues at the university of Twente have come up with the brilliant idea to provide the opportunity for the whole world to simultaneously view the great activities taking place in Europe. Therefore, they have created the web page:  where activities going on in Europe (especially in labs) can be grouped and displayed. Once you have registered via the web site, you can either connect a camera to show your lab in real time, give demonstrations remotely or show a youtube video connected to the page which will show the presence on the Europe map.

Register immediately and be part of the European remote labs!! You can just go to and click register on the top left of the page. Once enabled, at any time you can log in (link on top right of page) and switch between camera streaming and youtube links. How to do it is self-explanatory reported on the www.

The webpage will be advertised worldwide just before the Robotics Week.


For streaming you can use different cameras, but the one we recommend is

which has been widely tested and can be purchased via internet via Pixmania or other stores.
With this camera, once installed, please disable "Enable Authentication Check". This does not compromise any security issues, but it allows to be able to steer pan and tilt remotely.

Alternatives could be via a webcam, but we  do not reccomend this, but in case you want to use such a camera, the instructions follow:

1) Download unzip and install.
2) Launch the program
3) If you have more then one video input device you will need to select which device you want to stream clicking on button "D"
4) (Optional) Click on "Device Setup" to change Brightness, Contrast, etc.
5) (Optional) Click on "Input Setup" to change the image resolution (Recommended: 640x480 24bit)
6) Choose the TCP listening port (default 8089) (remember to configure your router, if any, to forward the port you have chosen)

To test if the server is working: open a browser (Firefox,Chrome,Safari, Internet Explorer did not handle it properly) and at the address bar, enter: http://<yourAddress>:<chosenPort>

7) Register your camera
Fill the Live Camera Url field with your address and port     (Ex. http://<yourPublicIP>:<chosenPort>)
Choose "LabCamCap" as Camera Model

Thanks for your cooperation to make the European Robotic Week a success!


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