November 2011

Call for the 2012 Georges Giralt PhD Award

Submission deadline:  December 31, 2011

All PhD theses defended between December 2010 and December 2011 (included) at one of the EURON member institutes <> are eligible for this Award. We welcome theses with strong theoretical contributions, but certainly also with a focus on professional applications, or with a high degree of multi-disciplinarity showing how robotics technologies can be 'exported' to new domains.

The reward will be given to the winner(s) at the occasion of the European Robotics Forum, in Odense, Denmark, March 5-7 2012. The selection of the finalists will be announced mid-February 2012, and these finalists are expected to give a 20 minutes presentation of their research at the Forum, since part of the Award evaluation will be done on the basis of that oral presentation.

The jury of this event consists of the following members: Sarthak Misra, Geert De Cubber, Fabio Bonsignorio, Krzysztof Kozlowski, Paolo Rocco, Erwin Prassler, Costas Neocleous, Catalin Buiu, Giuseppina Gini, Jose A. Castellanos, Daniele Nardi, Alessandro Saffiotti, Aydan Erkmen, Jorge Dias, Angel P. del Pobil, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Herman Bruyninckx.


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