April 2009

EUROP/EURON Technology Transfer Award April 2009

The final presentations and award ceremony of EUROP/EURON Technology Transfer took place in Leuven, Belgium, on 09 April, 2009. In total, there were 12 applications and 4 finalists.

The award winner was T.U. Darmstadt and TETRA Gesellschaft für Sensorik, Robotik und Automation mbH, for their BioRob manipulator <http://www.biorob.de>.  Award prize of € 6,000 was sponsored by the EUnited Robotics members:  ABB AB Robotics, COMAU, Güdel, KUKA Roboter, and SCHUNK.

The other finalists were: ITIA/CNR and Comau; Johannes Kepler Universität Linz and FerRobotics; Technical University of Crete and EADS; and Università degli Studi di Udine and Casagrande s.p.a.

 EUROP/EURON Tech Transfer Award 2009

As the name suggests, the EUROP/EURON  Technololgy Transfer Award is a joint initiative between EUROP and EURON aiming to improve the impact of robotics research and to raise the profile of technology transfer between science and industry.

It is of great importance that the applicants address examples of successful technology transfer in robot technology and automation.

Successful technology transfer is the process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products, processes and services by the commercial sector. Outstanding expamples in robot technology and automation, that can clearly demonstrate this positive, cooperative effort between research and industry, are eligible for the prize.  In particular, the innovation of the research work and its economic impact or potential will be evaluated.

The EUROP/EURON Technology Transfer award takes place annually. Submitted applications will be evaluated by a jury consisting of the EURON and EUROP chairpersons. Generally, the finalists will each have 15 minutes, plus discussion time to present their project/award applications in a “Technology Transfer Session”.  Based on both the written application and the presentation, the jury will determine the winners.

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