The Strategic Research Agenda for robotics, SRA, prioritises research and development efforts in Europe and encourages cross-fertilisation among all robotics domains and beyond.  It aims to facilitate collaboration among our member organisations and will direct their focus on key technologies which in turn will lead to industrial innovation and a viable robotics industry in Europe by 2020.

The SRA was compiled by the industry-driven Coordination Action for Robotics in Europe (CARE) with much support from industrial and academic robotics stakeholders most of which are organised in the European Robotics Technology Platform (EUROP).

On 7th July 2009 the SRA for robotics in Europe was published and presented to the public by Dr. Kayser (EUROP President and CEO of KUKA AG at the time) at an event including international press and VIPs from industry, academia and politics in Brussels.  For more information on the events of this day please go to the News section of EUROP website.

Please note: euRobotics AISBL, the newly established organisation as of 17 September 2013, is currently working on a new robotics roadmap building upon the existing SRA. For more information click here.

Obtaining a copy of the SRA:

We are happy to send you a free copy of the SRA document. Please contact the EUROP Secretariat!

If you would like to have a look first or print it yourself, you can download a copy using one of the following links:

Appendices of the SRA: 

Looking forward to your feedback!


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